The Revenge

The Revenge


6 months after solving their first case together, a former arrest in Paul Cameron’s previous police life in Brooklyn has, after 5 years, caught up to him. The ex-con has plotted his revenge against Paul and his loved onesand starts to make his presence known first by having the brake lines on Paul’s car cut. Another attempt is made on Krista’s life and then Cathy and Dave are kidnapped, with the intention of having Dave killed by being forced to overdose on drugs and for Cathy to become a mother against her will. It is dark days for Paul and Krista as they hear of the horrors their friends are going through and, with their captor always seeming to stay one step ahead of them, Cathy and Dave’s chances of survival change for the worst every day. Finally, Paul and Krista manage to catch Paul’s nemesis, but the nightmare is far from over as Dave battles drug abuse and Cathy’s life hangs by a thread. A subsequent trial puts their captor behind bars for good… Or is he?

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