The Return

The Return


A chance to return to their home country to work on a top-security case is a chance Cathy and Krista don’t want to pass up. Their eagerness to see the land they had left two years before, and to show it off to their husbands, Dave and Paul is infectious. But within a short time of arriving in Northern Ireland, they are thrown back into the seedier side of the country’s long, tumultuous history. The Police Service of Northern Ireland police officers are being murdered simply because of their religion, by an up and coming paramilitary organization. It is the leaders the detectives must find, with the help of the PSNI, and put an end to their reign of terror. Amidst the lush green and rugged breathtaking beauty, their own lives are soon at risk. A random shooting at a well-known park starts a cat and mouse game, where they must remain alert at all times. They stay ahead of the game until a bomb shatters whatever illusions they were winning they had. And then, the one time their guard is down, one of them nearly pays the ultimate price.

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