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Northern Irish Murder Mystery/ Romance Novelist

Welcome to my page! My name is Carol Kravetz and I am a Comber-based author specialising in murder mystery/police procedure/romantic novels. Below you can find my information as well as the links to my social media for more information on each individual novel. If you have any questions, or you would like to arrange an interview or appearance, I am available via email.

Why Choose Me?

You can be sure that the quality of my written works are comparable to no other. Browse through my collection of written works and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of a wonderful story. If you've enjoyed my books and you want to learn more, I welcome messages, questions and ideas for my next novel. If you still aren't convinced, get in touch - all writers have room to grow, and prolific authors are no different.

The Power Of Words

With a mastery of the nuances of English, you’ll experience laughs, suspense and become emotionally attached to the characters I've created. My novels are suitable for all target audiences, and packed with imagery that will effectively transport you to a superb new world. With a powerful command of tone, pacing and character development, you can be certain of one thing: a story that deserves to be read and experienced.


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Loved this book. It was the first one I read from this writer and I couldn’t put it down. It keeps your attention from beginning to end.

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I was captivated from start to finish reading "Murder Is Just the Beginning". The story is wonderfully written and kept me in suspense throughout. The characters are relatable and intriguing ...
A very exciting read.Thoroughly enjoyed "The Revenge". The main plot engaged my interest,and the author did a great job of sustaining it.The revenge itself,was very bitter and deadly,and the ...
Anne of County Down

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The Injustice


 A Domestic
Violence case stirs up memories. A string of bad luck foretells that worse is yet to come. An untimely, unwanted visit from a person Paul Cameron detests and wishes was dead. What else could possibly go wrong? Paul’s easy-going life is …

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